A. Thimmaiah, Ph.D




Associate Professor and Program Director, Department of Sustainable Living
Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, Iowa, USA.


Internationally accomplished senior professional with 20 years’ experience, demonstrated results as a leader, consultant and professor in redesigning the current challenges in food and agriculture. 

Expertise in regenerative organic agriculture, agroecology, environmental policy, sustainable regional/rural development, quality assurance systems, nature protection, traditional knowledge and Gross national happiness (GNH). 

Advised Governments, the United Nations, International organizations, Agribusiness corporations, non-governmental organizations, and farmers associations in systems of regenerative agriculture, sustainable development and agribusiness in 10 countries. 
Transformation of Bhutan into 100% organic and carbon neutral nation is an exceptional achievement. 

Skilled in innovation, project portfolio management, identifying potential gaps, synergies or opportunities, empowering the marginalized poor, building trusted relationships across global diverse multifunctional teams or institutions to drive organizational goals. Inspiring public speaker often invited to speak at global events and conferences.   

Website: https://www.regenerative-agriculture.net
Skype: drathimmaiah   
Email: drathimmaiah@gmail.com                                
Tel: +1-712-314-6717                                                                                                                            
blog: http://organicagrisolutions-thimmaiah.blogspot.com