Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute (MVOAI)

“Vedic Agriculture is Agree-ing with the
Culturing Intelligence of Total Natural Law.”
                                                                                 — Maharishi  Mahesh Yogi


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The Institute—its Goals and Programs 

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture Institute, USA and India, is a non-profit, educational institution dedicated to serving the global farming community by offering training, management and research programs in Organic and Vedic organic agriculture. Our training and management programs are comprehensive, covering international standard organic production methods, conversion to organic, farmer co-operative organization, organic food processing technologies, machinery and infrastructure, transportation, global marketing, and branding and certification. Our goal is to help co-operatives, communities, states and national governments to make the transition to sustainable, economically profitable centers of pure, healthy, Vedic organic food production.

In addition to modern and traditional organic practices, we offer a value-added, additional training in the ancient Vedic technologies of farming, derived from the Vedic tradition of India. These complementary technologies allow farmers to produce the purest and most vital food available anywhere in the world.

All guidance, training and consulting provided by MVOAI is adapted and appropriate to the local farming environment where we are active, including local climate and geography, culture and traditions. The programs are designed to overcome barriers to profitable farming, such as marginal farming practices and lack of market access.

We focus on farmer welfare, pure vital food, and economic development, particularly through a unique organizational structure called Maharishi Vedic Organic Cooperatives.

MVOAI training programs are managed by some of the world’s leading experts in Organic and Vedic farming, both from India and the international community. Each of these experts brings a specific skill set and global experience to the Institute and its activities. (See Appendix 1 Directors’ resumes.)