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Board of Directors: 

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  • Chairman: Professor John Konhaus, Speciality: Vedic Agriculture and Environmental Management
  • Director:  Appalachia Thimmaiah, Speciality: Organic Training and Management, Large-scale Project Management
  • Director: Krishan Guptaa, Speciality: Corporate Development, Product Development, Innovative Farmer programs, Marketing
  • Director: Dr. John Fagan, Speciality: International Quality Standards and Control, Certification, Research, Product Testing 

"Imbalance in nature merely means lack of co-ordination among its various separate elements. If the sun shines when we need rain, there is no co-ordination between the sun and rain. For successful agriculture there are so many fields which need to be coordinated that its beyond the range of the human mind to put all these things in order. The only way is to get down to that level at which all these elements are naturally coordinated—namely, the field of infinite correlation." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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– Victor Novak, Califor Agro Ltd.