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Starting the Journey From a Management trainee to Founder / Managing Director of Organic Wellness Products Private Limited has been full of learning’s, Overcoming obstacles and of-course lot of fun.

Passing out as Gold Medalist from LIT Nagpur in Chemical Technology, Krishan has worked in companies like Colgate Palmolive, Gillette, Godrej, Benckise in India as well as handling critical assignments in Europe and USA.

Krishan believes in sharpening his skills regularly and thus added the following qualifications – Executive Marketing Management from IIM Calcutta, MBA (Masters in business administration), Lead Assessor (ISO 22000) and Instructor in Gemba Kaizen (AOTS Japan). He has developed a unique form of Kaizen for Organic Wellness, with splendid results in productivity and quality improvement.

Krishan enjoys working in a multicultural environment. He is a taskmaster; leads from the front and delegates effectively to deliver time bound results. He is well traveled and has touched shores of over 70 countries.

Krishan founded ORGANIC WELLNESS with beautiful vision – Together, let’s Heal the World

Organic Wellness was born as a creative solution with a unique balance sheet focusing equally on employees, farmers, environment and the Company. He has set up a state of the art plant in the remote village of Bundelkhand where no industrialist would ever venture to go thus showing his commitment to work with marginalized farmers

He is also credited with commercializing crops like Tulsi, Moringa and Quinoa. These can be the game changer for our country – farmers , consumers and Environment. He is already cultivating and promoting these products in India as well as Overseas ( Over 22 countries )

Organic Wellness is committed to a unique win-win business model for everyone in the chain starting from the Mother Earth, farmers, consumers, employees and our partners /associates with the Balanced Balance sheet focused equally on each link.

Krishan personally meet all his family farmers a few times a year to keep the personal touch and gives them respect. He has also initiated scholarship to meritorious children of farmers for higher studies and to provide them jobs.

This concept has helped thousands of farmers and their families in India to live a life of dignity and converted thousands of acres of land abused with chemical to Organic Land.

He delivers catalytic / motivational   lectures at various public forums and business schools across the globe. All who have heard him feels his magnetism.

Krishan Guptaa is a firm believer in God . He is a simple and down to earth individual.

He loves to Read and play Golf / Tennis

He has written a book “Clear your bottle necks “ on his experience on how to be a successful person. The book is a quick and absorbing read in a refreshingly simple, flowing style, well punctuated with relevant anecdotes. The best part is that it is not a ‘talking-down-to’ but a conversation with a man of experience. This book has been also published in English and in Turkish



He has won many Awards like The Mother Teresa Excellence Award, The Royal Leader Award , Young Achievers Award, and Transformation Leadership Award, Lufthansa Pioneering Spirit Award, FedEx Emerging champion award, Mercedes Maclauren award, Business Excellence And Innovative Best Practices Academia Award, Ayush Kamal Ratan Award 2017, Business Excellence /Innovation award to name few … and Latest addition is the Best Emerging Start up company of the Year .

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