What is Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture?

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture (MVOA) is agriculture in harmony with Total Natural Law. It is a holistic system of agriculture that nourishes and supports the farmer, his crops, and the greater environment by bringing the farmer in agreement with the culturing intelligence of nature. It combines ancient wisdom with modern technology and know-how to produce the most advanced, comprehensive and effective system of agriculture available.

The culturing intelligence of nature is that intelligence at the fundamental basis of our environment, responsible for coordinating and balancing all the complex factors involved in the practice of agriculture, such as soil, seed, weather and farming practices. In modern science, this field of intelligence is called the Unified Field of Natural Law, the fountainhead of all the particles and forces that create and maintain our physical environment, and that are essential for creating vital growth in the plants and livestock. In Maharishi ‘s Vedic Science it is known as Unified Field of Consciousness.

Through its knowledge programs and applied procedures, MVOA creates a fundamental link between man and nature, on the level of this Unified Field of Natural Law—a link between the individual and his environment—and seeks to enhance that relationship by allowing Nature to become fully balanced and supportive.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture incorporates in its programs the most rigorous existing global standards for pure, organic food. However, even more than this, it employs sophisticated, time-tested Vedic practices that enliven the intelligence and vital quality within the plant to enhance the nutritional, life-enriching value of food. MVOA creates food capable of enhancing full human development.

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture uses the Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness to develop the farmer’s creativity, organizing power, and health; and Vedic sounds, or the sounds of Natural Law, to maximize plant growth and development and bring the environment into a sustainable balance. Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture incorporates exact knowledge of how to sow and harvest according to the cycles and rhythms of nature.

Farmers following the principles of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture will live their lives in harmony with the Laws of Nature. As a result, Nature will support the farmer in all his endeavors. The result will be improved health for the farmer, the family, the nation, and the environment.


"Imbalance in nature merely means lack of co-ordination among its various separate elements. If the sun shines when we need rain, there is no co-ordination between the sun and rain. For successful agriculture there are so many fields which need to be coordinated that its beyond the range of the human mind to put all these things in order. The only way is to get down to that level at which all these elements are naturally coordinated—namely, the field of infinite correlation." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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