Knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture



Most fundamentally, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is a holistic, Natural Law based approach to agriculture. It takes into account all of the complex factors involved in an agricultural system and seeks to balance, support, nourish and correlate them to be most beneficial, both to the individual farmer or individual component of the ecosystem and to the system as a whole.

Vedic Agriculture is a systems approach to agriculture; it is an approach from the fundamental level of nature itself, where all the different components of an ecosystem have their source, and where it is possible the correlate and balance them for the mutual benefit of all.

Maharishi Vedic Agriculture will enhance the functioning of any other practice of agriculture, by ensuring that that practice is in accord with the functioning of nature itself, and not in conflict with the laws of nature. Nature becomes the true farmer in a Vedic agriculture system because all of the laws of nature functioning in an eco-system are upheld and sustained.

Maharishi Vedic Agriculture does not conflict with any existing system of agriculture but only supports all systems of agriculture, as they are practiced locally in accord with the local conditions of climate and geography.

Farmers following the principles and practices of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture and Environmental Relationships enjoy an intimate relationship with the soil, the seed, the crop, the environment, and even the weather, to produce healthy food through much less effort and hard work than is necessary through contemporary agricultural practices. This intimate relationship is the ideal of farming, where human life and nature nourish each other to bring life to fullness.

Through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, farmers play a parental role for the whole nation. They bring everyone food that is pure, fresh, fully ripened, and lively with Total Natural Law. This quality of food supports the development of a perfectly balanced and healthy physiology, capable of living full human potential in higher states of consciousness, or enlightenment. Maharishi calls it Vedic food for Vedic consciousness.

Veda and the Unified Field of Natural Law

As expressed above, agriculture in perfect harmony with Natural Law is the goal of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture. Veda is a Sanskrit term meaning knowledge, complete knowledge of Natural Law, the fundamental intelligence of Nature which administers everything in creation, from the farmer’s physiology, to the seed and soil and weather, and the whole ever-expanding universe.

The expression “Natural Law” refers to all the laws of nature discovered by the modern sciences: Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc., including the laws that structure life at the individual and social levels, and which maintain order in the universe. “Natural Law” refers to the integrated, balanced, and holistic functioning of all the Laws of Nature.

In the past 200 years, modern science has systematically revealed deeper layers of order in Nature, from the molecular and atomic to the nuclear and subnuclear levels. Recent discoveries in quantum mechanics have revealed even more fundamental levels of Nature’s functioning, where the diverse forces and fields are unified, ultimately leading to one Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature. 

This universal source of all orderliness identified by modern physics has within itself all the diverse Laws of Nature governing life at every level. Modern science has thus identified one holistic, self-interacting, self-sustaining unified field at the basis of all the immense diversity of Natural Law expressed in creation. This field is the total potential and the total intelligence of Natural Law.

The knowledge of Veda and the Vedic Literature, as brought to light and understood from a scientific perspective by Maharishi in his Vedic Science and Technology, also identifies a single, self-referral, universal source of all orderliness in Nature. In Vedic science, we experience this source of orderliness as the most fundamental level of human consciousness, the simplest form of man’s awareness, our own SELF.

The description of the Laws of Nature from the perspective of modern science and the description of Veda and the Vedic Literature provided by Maharishi’s Vedic Science is identical. These two great traditions of knowledge—objective and subjective, modern and ancient—uphold one another and together rejoice in providing humankind with the necessary and timely knowledge of Natural Law.

This unique understanding also gives us a method to experience the Laws of Nature and to make them lively within ourselves. We have simply to enliven Veda and the Vedic Literature in our awareness and we automatically enliven Natural Law in ourselves and in the environment. This discovery has tremendous practical application in the field of agriculture, as it gives us a direct means, within the awareness of the farmer, to enliven the laws of nature responsible for plant growth.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science is thus the perfect complement to, and fulfillment of, modern science because Maharishi’s Vedic Science makes the Unified Field a useful, living reality through Maharishi’s programs for the development of consciousness. (See Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness.)

On its own, modern science has mastered partial and fragmented values of Natural Law. These aspects of Natural Law are specific, useful aspects of Natural Law but they are fragmented–they are pieces of natural law. When we apply Natural Law in a fragmented manner, it does produce some results, but it also produces many harmful side effects. It thus does not nourish life holistically. Maharishi’s Vedic Science is a holistic science whose foundation is the Unified Field, and whose application brings holistic nourishment and evolution to life.

It is through the technologies of Maharishi’s Vedic Science that we align individual life with Natural Law, we align human awareness to the Unified Field within each of us, which we experience as our own consciousness. We discover through direct experience that the Unified Field is the basis of everything. We discover and experience the most basic premise of both modern science and Maharishi’s Vedic Science–that the Unified Field is the basis of all creation, both subjective and objective.

Enlivening Natural Law, the Essence of Vedic Farming

Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture utilizes effective techniques of organic and sustainable agriculture suitable to the local environment. However, the essence of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture is not the specific methods of farming, which vary from place to place and culture to culture. Merely using organic methods is not enough if Nature is not supportive and balanced. If there are not timely rains, or sufficient sunshine, or life in the soil, then even the best methods will not be effective. Gaining the support of natural law is essential for successful agriculture. 

The real and most fundamental concern in Maharishi Vedic Agriculture is how lively, balanced and supportive is the Creative Intelligence of Natural Law in the farmer, in the plants and in the environment.

In Vedic Agriculture, we are concerned with that agency which converts the soil and air and water into fruits and vegetables. We are concerned with creativity; we are concerned with the Creative Intelligence that is responsible for the balanced expression of that creativity. We want to be sure this agency remains strong and is not weakened in any way. We want to be sure that all the forces responsible for successful agriculture are timely and supportive.

So when we speak of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, we are speaking of the creative and perfectly coordinated Intelligence of Natural Law–the balanced expression of all the Laws of Nature, the balanced expression of all the 40 fundamental qualities of Natural Law.

This coordinated intelligence is what will bring together all the needed factors such as sun and rain, temperature, water, plant health, seed vitality, etc. that must be balanced for successful farming. We want all these factors to be supportive of our efforts.

The technologies of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture can be applied directly to enliven Natural Law in the farmer’s awareness and in his environment. This application goes right to the heart of Vedic farming and enhances the support from nature that can only be gained by living in tune with Natural Law.

The more Natural Law is enlivened, the more effortless and abundant will be the process of agriculture, because success in agriculture fundamentally depends on support of nature.


Knowledge has Organizing Power

Since agriculture in perfect harmony with Veda, or Natural Law, is the goal of the Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture program, therefore, to understand Vedic Organic Agriculture, we need to understand the full significance of the terms Veda and Natural Law.

Maharishi calls Veda the “Constitution of the Universe.” The pure knowledge, or pure creative potential of Natural Law, embodied in the Veda is further elaborated in the Vedic Literature, which has been preserved generation after generation, from parents to children, in the Vedic Families of India. Veda is like the seed, and the Vedic Literature is like the fully blossomed tree. Veda contains all knowledge in seed form; the Vedic Literature expresses this same knowledge in more elaborated and detailed form.

Maharishi has organized the 40 branches of Veda and the Vedic Literature as a perfect science of the totality of Natural Law, and its application to every field of life. These 40 branches taken together and applied holistically contain the comprehensive knowledge to bring any discipline or profession in full accord with Natural Law, and to bring fulfillment to individual and collective life.


This principle that Veda is the fundamental intelligence of Natural Law is expressed in the Vedic text known as the Manu Smriti, which is one of the law giving books of the Vedic Literature. The laws of nature which modern science has discovered are known from the Manu Smriti to be the reverberations of Veda.

It is for this reason that Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture adds the word Vedic to organic because Veda means Total Knowledge–so by adding Vedic, the organizing power of Total Knowledge is added to the field of agriculture. ‘Vedic Organic’ means organic agriculture enriched by the nourishing influence of Veda–the nourishing influence of Natural Law.

Maharishi identifies two aspects of Veda: Mantra and Brahmana. Mantras are the structures of pure knowledge, the sounds of the Veda; Brahmanas are the internal dynamics of the structure of pure knowledge, the organizing power of the Mantras, the intelligence that structures the Mantras–the structuring dynamics of the Mantras.

This principle is important in agriculture because both of these components, intelligence and its dynamic organizing power, are essential for growth. These two, Mantra and Brahmana, represent knowledge and organizing power, silence and activity, DNA and RNA, the seed and the process of its transformation and expression into the fully blossomed plant. Vedic Agriculture is ultimately the intelligence of nature put into action.

These mechanics of orderly growth and expression on the basis of an underlying self-referral field of intelligence are further expressed in a verse from the Bhagavad-Gita, the central chapter of another of the Vedic texts–the Mahabharata. Nature in this verse represents the organizing power of Natural Law, while Lord Krishna, the speaker, represents the silent value of pure intelligence at its basis.

Vedic Agriculture as Total Knowledge - Brahma Vidya

 Maharishi’s Vedic Science, and its practical application as Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, present the totality of life, founded on the ancient wisdom of the Veda and the Vedic Literature, and now expressed in the most recent Unified Field Theories. Because of this, Maharishi has said that Vedic Agriculture is Brahma Vidya, or complete knowledge, the knowledge of totality, the knowledge of the wholeness of life.

The central theme of Brahma Vidya is that life is not fragmented; it is holistic. The diversity of life that we see around us is the expression of an underlying unity. What seems to be separate, is unified. What seems to be elaborate is an expression of underlying simplicity. Life is wholeness on the move, the waves of an underlying unified field. This understanding is precisely expressed both in the Superstring Theory of Unified Quantum Field Theories and in Vedanta, the branch of the Vedic Literature dealing with the unity of life.

If we look at the process whereby Nature brings forth the plant and animal kingdoms, we see these mechanics of unity and diversity expressed over and over again. From one single seed comes a multitude of flowers and fruits, which then again create seeds. From the foundation of the soil, the entire forest has its expression, and finally again dissolves back into soil. These principles are expressed in the following quotes from the Vedanta branch of the Vedic Literature that deals with the expression of unity as diversity without ever losing its nature as unity:

Theories of Modern Science Uphold All Disciplines of Maharishi's Vedic Science

It is inspiring that the understanding of the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature from the perspectives of modern science and Maharishi’s Vedic Science is identical. These two traditions of knowledge–objective and subjective, modern and ancient–uphold one another and together rejoice in providing mankind with the necessary and timely knowledge of Natural Law.

In our time, after hundreds of years of scientific research, it has become evident that all the theories of modern science–not only of Physics, but also of Chemistry, Physiology, Mathematics, etc.–originate from the same Unified Field. Through the Maharishi Vedic Technologies of Consciousness, it is possible now for any individual to function from the level of the Unified Field, and thereby engage the support of all the Laws of Nature in every field of scientific knowledge to support his thought and action. When we base agriculture on this holistic understanding and experience of Natural Law, then its application will produce all life supporting and balanced effects in the environment.

The field of Total Natural Law is the basis of the profession of agriculture. It is the most fundamental field of intelligence in nature, a unified field, the source of both the laws of nature that modern science investigates, and the source of our own subjective experience of the world around us. The Unified Field of Total Natural Law is thus the unified basis of both the subjective and objective means of gaining knowledge.

When a farmer rises to higher consciousness (Vedic Consciousness) through Maharishi’s Technologies of Consciousness, he gains this ability to function with the support of all the Laws of Nature described by all the theories of modern science. Then, finally, agriculture is truly and entirely scientific. (See Appendices for more detail)

"Imbalance in nature merely means lack of co-ordination among its various separate elements. If the sun shines when we need rain, there is no co-ordination between the sun and rain. For successful agriculture there are so many fields which need to be coordinated that its beyond the range of the human mind to put all these things in order. The only way is to get down to that level at which all these elements are naturally coordinated—namely, the field of infinite correlation." - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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